Material Handling Software Guide

Material handling software is a designed to take care of storage, retrieval and transportation of products within an automated warehouse. It may even control certain crucial issues in material handling such as key picking, putaway and routing instructions.At present the market is flooded with some good material handling software. For instance the SwiftWCS material handling software manages the automated material handling equipment such as conveyor and sortation systems (MHE), automated guided vehicles (AGV) and Robotic Palletizers and Depalletizers.Usually the material handling software such as SwiftWCS support standard controls drivers to support direct integration with lower level of PLC controls, as well as standardized API’s to simplify integration of novel automated order picking equipments and automated material handling equipment.The material handling software, Macola ES, offered by Exact Software North America is the only ERP solution designed for the mid-market with usual Business Process Management (BPM) and exclusive management tools. The Macola ES has enabled its customers better their revenue per employee ratio simultaneously offering greater customer service and accuracy. With Macola ES you can manage accounting, distribution and manufacturing activities along with tasks such as workflow, document management, human resource management, customer relationship management and project management.The Macola ES product is web based and works in a Microsoft SQL environment. The easiness with which the software works and adapts itself to the changing environment is noteworthy.Another product quite dominant in the market is the SAP R3′s Power-Packed Warehouse Management Module. For all those who had been using SAP’s standalone Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) duplicating both expenses and efforts, the R3 Warehouse Management Module is a definite refreshment. For now with the use of this module they can make their material handling operations simpler by integrating conveyors, pick-to-light, print and apply and other automation equipment.The Provia software has also registered a remarkable performance in this area. Provia software is a renowned and leading supplier of order-to-delivery supply chain execution software. The FourSite and ViaView supply chain execution solutions offered by Provia are chosen by The Standard Transportation to manage their company’s multi-client warehouse operations. The deployment of Provia’s FourSite solution has enabled Standard Transportation to co-ordinate and organizes its extremely complex warehouse processes and manages multiple customer inventories in each of its warehouses.Lately the advent of distribution software has proved to be a great assistance for companies to successfully run their distribution processes. Broadly the software can be categorized into four groups: the distribution management software, warehouse management system, transportation management system, vehicle routing, loading and scheduling system and whole distribution system.The distribution software provides companies complete control over their management operations. The software offers unique on-time delivery and increases customer service levels. The distribution software is ideal for distribution companies and wholesale distributors. Cost-efficiency, integrated functionalities and vast efficiency are some outstanding benefits of the distribution software.

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